Richard Stamp

Background Info:
I have lived in Bournemouth with my wife and two daughters for the past 6 years, where I have worked as one of the elders of Gateway Church Poole. Previously I lived in Oxford, South Africa and the USA. Shortly after I moved to Dorset, I became aware of the widespread, often unreported issues associated with loneliness, homelessness, and addictions of various sorts. I am passionate about mobilising people to help to address some of these issues head-on and three years ago founded the Oasis Project, working with victims of domestic violence. As a church we have supported various homeless projects over recent years, including serving at St.Pauls night shelter, and opening up our building for overnight accommodation during times of severe weather.

Why Michael House is important to me:
Michaels House represents – for me – the very best in provision for those who are homeless. In this age of budget austerity, with services for the most marginalised in society under pressure, legislation increasingly making it difficult for local government to support the homeless, Michaels is a beacon of hope in Bournemouth. It is no small task providing not just emergency accommodation, but also creating a sense of community, giving hope for the future and showing mercy and justice to those most in need. Love, care and fresh hope are the heartbeat of Michaels.