Mary Randell MBE

Background Info:
I have two sons, two daughters in law, and two grandsons and two grand daughters. My family are very precious to me.
I am a life long Salvationist, I lead a meal-run team from Winton Bournemouth, every Monday evening we take a canteen bus loaded with hot meals, oceans of ‘Sally Army tea’ as well as clean clothes and cosmetics. We wash and treat sore feet, and always try to have a good supply of warm socks, blankets and sleeping bags. These are practical ways for me to serve the Lord, and these poor people need to know that ‘someone cares’.
Why Michael House is important to me:
Michael House is all about ‘Rebuilding lives’ it’s a quietly kept success story, I like ‘good news’ and Michaels is definitely that ! It is often the next stop for the very same people we care for on the meal-run. Caring for the most vulnerable is a way of reminding these folk that we are all equally loved by our Heavenly Father.